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Pat is a photographer based in Sydney, Australia.

His love for travel and the great outdoors has heavily influenced his work, which consists of mainly landscape, adventure and lifestyle imagery.

He tries to create his images as natural as possible. Allowing the scene to unfold before him and utilising natural light to bring focus to his subjects.

He has worked with many well known brands ranging from tourism to fashion, helping them bring their ideas to life and showcasing their brand in new light.

Pat is readily available for work domestically and internationally.  

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Clients include:

Destination NSW | 4 Pines Brewery | Afends | We Are Explorers | Asics Australia | Stylerunner | Capital Brewing | Apollo Motorhomes | Brixton | Frank Green | Yugen Explore | Speights Brewery | Balloon Aloft | Outdoor Raw | Coolcore | Aircamp Australia | Kivari | Excursion Co. | Hubspot | GO Rentals NZ | Chocolate Box Training | Sun Bear Sunscreen | East Indian Trading Co.